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Florida Stone Crab Season 2019-2020 Has Begun!

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Our Biggest Claw of the Season Video

Our professional grade Stone Crab Cracker is handcrafted by LARS Diversified, Inc. in Davie, Florida from the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel components. The Ultimate Cracker is the perfect tool for both the weekend enthusiast and the professional kitchen. Our cracker is used in professional kitchens throughout the United States, Bahamas and Mexico. Checkout the best Stone Crab Cracker.

Note: The Florida Stone Crab Season 2019-2020 Traps In The Water has begun (October 5, 2019). Please note that the FWC has added a new regulation. You now are required to have a registration number on your traps! You will need to "Purchase" a Stone Crap License (which is FREE). You have to go through the full puchase process and at the end you are issued 5 registration numbers for your traps. Its a number that begins with an "S" and ends with a "-" and the digits 1 thru 5. Example: S91234-1, S91234-2 etc... The same applies to Blue Claw Crab traps.

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Stone crab claws are best served freshly cracked!

With our commercial grade Florida stone crab cracking machine, you will easily and professionally crack the shell in seconds. No more hammers and dish rags! Let our solid 1" diameter aluminum handle do all the work. Smooth lever action allows you to crack open the claw and get to the meat with three quick and easy motions. No more crushing the meat.

Our Biggest Claw of the Season Video

Other models warn that you might not be able to crack jumbo or colossal sized claws. Seriously? This video shows that our cracker can handle any sized claw you can find!

You'll be the envy of your friends when they see how simple it is to enjoy delicious stone crabs. It makes a great conversation piece! This easy to use machine, not only works great but it looks great, too! Cleanup is quick and easy, as well. Enhance the look of your kitchen and take the pain out of eating stone crabs with this easy to use stone crab claw cracker.

TIP: Only crack as many claws as you plan on eating. The claws do not store well once they are cracked.

Instructions for Use

WARNING: Use care not to place fingers between the cracking jaw and the handle. Extreme force can be generated and could cause injury.

how to position crab claw in cracker

Please wash with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly before use. Do not wash in an automatic dishwasher as it will damage the finish.

To use, hold the crab by the claw end and orient it so that it is "arched" upwards as shown in the photo.

Beginning with the knuckles, place the crab claw on the cracking jaw. Grasp the handle at the far end and apply slight force. It will only take the "flick of your wrist" to crack the shell. Let the weight of our solid 1" diameter do the work!

Sometimes you may have to tap a location twice to crack the shell completely. After cracking the knuckles, crack the main claw.

Stone Crab Cracker Instructional Video

How do you crack a crab claw? Watch the video below!

How to Crack a Stone Crab Claw Video

Once you get the feel of the device, you will be able to quickly and easily crack your stone crab claws without damaging the meat. Start by using very little force and only increase the force you apply if necessary to crack the shell. Remember, its just a light flick the wrist.

Why Choose Our Stone Crab Cracker?

Pictures don't lie! Compare for yourself. Take a look at the comparison pictures below.

Cracking stone crab claws is a messy process. Which cracker belows looks easier to clean up? The one with all the small moving pieces with lots joints and crevices or the one with large smooth surfaces? I think you get the picture.

Crab Cracker Comparison image #2

Our base is solid aluminum 5 inches wide and the competition is only 2 3/4 inches wide!

Crab Cracker Comparison image #1

Our handle is a comfortable to hold solid aluminum 1" diameter round bar, the competition is an uncomfortable 1/2" x 3/4" rectangle

Crab Cracker Comparison image #3

Note the thin 1/8" material used by the competition. Our Cracker uses solid 1" x 1" aluminum square bar.

I think you will agree, our Stone Crab Cracker is the best!

Crab Cracker Care Instructions

Wash with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not wash in an automatic dishwasher as it will damage the finish.

Ultimate Carcker Reviews

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