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Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker

Top Quality Stone Crab Cracker - Florida Keys Style - Handcrafted in the USA

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Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker

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Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker

Our Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker is handcrafted by LARS Diversified, Inc. in Davie, Florida from the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel components. The Florida Cracker is the perfect tool for both the weekend enthusiast and the professional kitchen.

Florida Keys Style Cracker Product

Stone crab claws are best served freshly cracked!

With our Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker, you will easily and safely crack the shell in seconds. No more hammers, spoons and dish rags! Cracking stone crab claws with a hammer can cause the shells to splinter into dangerous tiny little shards. Smooth lever action allows you to crack open the claw and get to the meat with a smooth easy motions. No more pulverizing your stone crab meat.

You'll be the envy of your friends when they see how simple it is to enjoy delicious stone crabs. It makes a great conversation piece! This easy to use machine, not only works great but it looks great, too! Cleanup is quick and easy, as well. Enhance the look of your kitchen and take the pain out of eating stone crabs with this easy to use stone crab claw cracker.

TIP: Only crack as many claws as you plan on eating. The claws do not store well once they are cracked.

Instructions for Use

How do you crack a crab claw?

WARNING: Use care not to place fingers between the cracking jaw and the base plate. Extreme force can be generated and could cause injury.

Place your stone crab claw in either location shown below. Then apply downward pressure on the handle. Crack one section at a time, starting with the "knuckle" and working your way to the main crab claw section.

Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker instructions 1

Florida Keys Style Stone Crab Cracker instructions 2

Crab Cracker Care Instructions

Wash with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not wash in an automatic dishwasher as it may damage the finish.

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